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Funeral Plans

The costs of a funeral have rocketed over the last ten years, the average going up from £1920 to £3590 between 2004 and 2014. With a Golden Leaves funeral plan you can become immune from the increase in the costs of your Funeral Director's fees. In addition, there will be increases in your allowance for your Funeral Director's disbursements such as Vicar fees, Church fees, cemetery fees if their fees have risen faster than the RPI. Golden Leaves funeral plans are provided in partnership with Sunlife Insurance.

What are the advantages of having a funeral plan? Peace of mind. You take a lot of strain and pressure off your relatives because not only have you pre-paid for your funeral, but you can plan your funeral down to the last detail. Do your relatives know your favourite hymns or songs? Or your favourite poem? You decide all of this yourself, and can change it at no extra cost!

We have a variety of plans to suit all pockets and will be pleased to discuss these if you contact us.


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