Why you should make a Will

Wills and Will Storage

You have worked for many  years, possibly buying your own home and adding to your savings. Why would you choose to put those assets in jeopardy by not making a will? A person who dies intestate (ie without making a will) is a hostage to fortune. Your estate will be divided according to the laws of intestacy which means they may not end up where you would wish (or maybe assume) they would end up. For example, your surviving spouse will not automatically receive the whole of your estate. Intestacy leads to delay in sorting out the will and in many cases will result in family disputes and possibly ill-feeling. WHy would you want that to happen and such a sensitive time?

If you are single, you can distribute your estate between relatives, friends or charities in the proportion you wish, not the way The State dictates.

If you are married or in a civil partnership, you can ensure that your children or other relations get a share of your estate if you so wish, If you are living as a couple but not married you may be treated as single and your surviving partner may receive nothing.

If you have children you can state in your will who the guardians of your children should be. WIthout a will, the Courts will make that decision and it may not be what you would have wanted and may lead to disputes between other relations who may wish to be their guardians.

If you are elderly it may be that you already have a will but it is out of date because of additional grandchildren or deletion, maybe, of friends to whom you have left a gift but may have predeceased you. 

Is this food for thought? We hope so. The importance of making a valid will cannot be over emphasised. That is why we would like you to contact us so that your estate can be passed on to the right people.

Will Storage

Once you have made your valid will, it does not help matters if, when the time comes, it cannot be found or has been destroyed in a flood or fire! A copy of a will is not valid so the rules of intestacy will come into play. If we store your will on your behalf it will be safe at all times. In addition, you can store other documents such as Deeds of your house and expressions of wishes at no additional charge. Should you wish to change you will because of changed circumstances, this will be done at a reduced price. 

Our Charges

Single Will £125

Mirror Will  £175

Will Storage £30 for 1st year £20 subsequent years (by Standing Order)


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